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OUR UX research methods

We combine quantitative and qualitative research and different types of data. We present the results in the form of tested conclusions and recommendations useful for the whole team.

in-depth interviews

Get key information for the project.

usability testing

Find out what is not working and what you can improve.

Netnographic surveys

Understand your customers, fit into their needs or design new ones.

web analytics

Improve your website performance.

What the UX research process looks like

We conduct UX research in small groups of selected users (qualitative research) or on larger representative samples (quantitative research).


We establish what we want to find out and the scope of the UX research. We create a research scenario.



We verify the criteria for selecting respondents and determine how many we need in order to get reliable data.



We select research methods that give you knowledge to help you make further design decisions.



We analyse the acquired data and prepare a convenient report with a list of errors, conclusions and recommendations.

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UX Writing

How to create user-friendly microcopies


How to make sure interfaces do not suggest gender


How to avoid incomprehensible messages


What is the result of our cooperation

Above all, we provide you with a report with clear and useful data. We process and analyse it using proven tools. In this way you get to know the motivations, behaviour and needs of your users.


Interdisciplinary approach

We share the knowledge and experience of experts from several complementary specialisations.

Data-driven design

You gain useful data for the strategy and project team.

Full contextual knowledge

You get to know not only the users, but also their experiences, lifestyle, cultural aspects.

Easier design decisions

You have the basics and arguments that make it easier to make decisions in the next stages of your work.



The company serves the health of millions of women and develops technology for the early detection of breast cancer. We helped take care of patients by organising 3 days of testing of the device.

See the effects of the work


We conducted a UX and cultural audit and 20 individual in-depth interviews (IDIs) with users of creative software.

See the effects of the work

Health Labs

The brand wanted to take care of people visiting healthlabs.pl for the first time. We tested the usability of the website in mobile and desktop versions.

And this is how you work with us

What most impressed me was the dedication behind this project." I knew I would have nothing to worry about.

The translations were perfectly done with a week to spare, which also gave us the chance to test the copy and make any necessary adjustments.

Lorena Wildering / UX Writer, OLX Group

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