AILIS serves women's health and advances technology for early detection of breast cancer. We helped with this by organising 3 days of testing of the device.








AILIS is a breakthrough technology. It offers a completely new service, previously unknown to women. That's why we looked at the device not only in terms of usability, but also as an overall experience.

Context and challenge

In the European Union, one woman dies of breast cancer every 7.5 minutes. In Asia, more than half of cases are detected at a stage that gives a 30% chance of survival. The AILIS breast cancer early detection technology was created to change this. And we were hired to test this innovative solution.

Objective of the study

Together with AILIS, we wanted to identify the positive and negative aspects of the user experience of the AILIS prototype and explore the experience of interacting with the device from the perspective of the women surveyed.

Research in figures


research and audit days extended to ethnographic research


interviews with participants in pre-clinical studies


report with analysis of 4 areas and recommendations for change


a process map describing the emotions and experiences of the women interviewed


We took advantage of ongoing preclinical studies to observe how women respond not only to the device, but also to the situation and the method of testing. We also took into account brand strategy and market context.

We wanted to provide both functional recommendations that enhance the comfort and usability of the device, as well as strategic brand and service recommendations that help develop potential.


We analysed quantitative data from the AILIS team and conducted a device audit based on best practice (Nielsen). Additionally, we supplemented the audit with guidance from scientific literature and medical device industry reports.

Qualitative methods

  • desk research,
  • a cognitive hike,
  • audit with heuristic analysis,
  • ethnographic observation,
  • short individual in-depth interviews (IDIs).

Course of the audit

In the user experience audit we rely on the knowledge of heuristics, good practices, knowledge of related fields such as cognitive psychology, human-computer or human-machine interaction and experience and expertise.

The effects of our work


We created a comprehensive report that compiled the results of the device survey and audit, as well as strategic and functional recommendations. These related to both the AILIS device and the entire service. We also determined the state of awareness of the target group.


We mapped the needs and concerns of AILIS clients in the context of the full research experience. We referred to the pre-clinical research and presented proposals for the target service (service design).


The material developed together with AILIS not only served as the basis for planning the target service, but was also used as the basis for the engineering and design of the final device.

Creative climate, conversations, flexibility (combining work with pre-clinical studies) - this project was characterised by a partnership approach that brought out the best in our collaboration.

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