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UI Designer

Marta Gibas

UI Designer

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How does the UX Academy change BNP Paribas Bank?

Thanks to the cooperation with Mobee Dick, the UX Academy was established at BNP Paribas Polska Bank. It is a single cell incorporated into the bank's structure in order to provide quality User Experience services in the field of research and design

What will you learn from this article?

  1. Is the UX academy involved?
  2. How was the cooperation with BNP Paribas?
  3. Benefits of cooperation - what were they?

What does the UX Academy do?

The Academy operates as an in-house UX agency that works closely with the four-person Research & Design department. Together we agree on projects, pose questions and hypotheses, plan, get to know each other and our competences.

We realise that not everyone knows as much, so we are happy to share knowledge. As long as it was possible, we worked in one space, desk to desk. Coronavirus restrictions meant we moved this shared space online. Like many organisations, we use digital tools to help us remain one team.

What does our work look like on a day-to-day basis? We can be approached by any bank employee who needs to look at a product or service under development with the customer's needs in mind. It's a model where UX is present in every initiative, and with growing awareness we can work together with the BNP team building Design Culture.

How was the cooperation with BNP Paribas?

We start the collaboration with a kick-off workshop, where we try to define the problem - we just ask a lot of questions. Of course, at this point all meetings and discussions must take place remotely. It is important to establish the key success factors (KPIs) during such a meeting, also virtually. Formulating concrete goals and expectations enables better decisions to be taken at subsequent stages of work.

UX Academy. BNP Paribas and Mobee Dick together in a photo
Representatives of the BNP Paribas R&D team (Jan Wardecki and Jakub Danecki) with the participants of the first edition of the UX Academy (from left: Igor Szwedziński - strategist, team leader, Marta Gibas - designer, Anita Angielczyk - researcher)


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Hola, hola, this is not the end! The rest of the article is under the banner.

The next step is to establish a work plan. Depending on what the project is about, there is research, design work, workshop work or a mix of these.
For each of the following tasks, the combined team of the UX Academy and the R&D department needed one week-long sprint:

  1. We conducted 6 IDI interviews, culminating in a report, which contributed to mapping the entire invoice workflow process in the bank.
  2. We created a clickable prototype showing the case review flow in the Compliance department, which allowed the business to visualise what it really needed, which greatly accelerated the whole process of creating a dedicated solution.
  3. We conducted an expert audit of five competitive bank account opening processes.
  4. We supplemented the audit with benchmarking and concluded the project with an extensive report for stakeholders within the organisation. It allowed us to locate inefficiencies in the process and present how account opening looks against the competition. Solutions were proposed and prioritised in terms of their impact on the user.

Many of these activities were in place before anyone could foresee the constraints facing us in the wake of the epidemic. But it turns out that activities related to improving communication and processes can be even more valuable in the era of "social distancing". This is because, in principle, the UX Academy supports the effective digitisation of the bank.

Benefits of cooperation - what were they?

The high quality of the material provided by the Academy is also influenced by the close collaboration between the designer and the researcher. Just because the researcher provides colleagues with an expert audit and benchmarking report does not mean that the designer does not participate in these activities. Similarly, the researcher is constantly present at the designer's work - creating interface elements or prototypes. This provides an opportunity for two different points of view to collide and come up with a solution that is most in line with user needs.

The designer takes part in the in-depth interviews as an observer. Thanks to this, he or she is able to see the real emotions and needs of the other person for whom he or she is creating. Using the experience developed by Mobee Dick's research team, we are already able to conduct such interviews remotely.

The researcher is always up to date with the implemented graphic solutions, thus avoiding situations in which results from research have been misinterpreted during design.


The experience of more than 20 projects proves that the organisation and its employees are genuinely interested in creating solutions that put the user at the centre and put a lot of work into finding ways to optimise and automate their own and their colleagues' working environment, despite their many daily responsibilities.

Thanks to their openness to change and great involvement in the process of implementing these changes, the project at each stage has a chance to collide with the user's needs, capabilities and limitations.

Effective knowledge sharing

Participation in the UX Academy enabled us to gain experience in working with managers from various departments working in the financial industry. We got to know the specifics of their work and had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the processes of creating products and services in the financial sector.

Our colleagues at Bank BNP Paribas gain access to the expertise needed to develop products, services and materials created in line with the user experience design methodology. We, in turn, gain valuable domain knowledge related to the financial industry. This is how a valuable exchange of knowledge takes place.

We are convinced that this is the best way to achieve digital transformation and build a Design Culture not only in Bank BNP Paribas, but also in other corporations ready for change and the involvement of researchers, designers and strategists. After all, it is about actions towards a well-designed digitisation of many areas of business. In the current social situation, such actions may not only be needed, but actually necessary.


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Hola, hola, this is not the end! The rest of the article is under the banner.


Questions? Get in touch with us!

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